• AVC 008: Tales of the Wind
  • AVC 008: Tales of the Wind
  • AVC 008: Tales of the Wind

AVC 008: Tales of the Wind

  • $34.00

May 2021

Visual Design: Carly Drew

  • Old-style deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket
  • 22-page Road Notes booklet containing additional photography, artwork, and journal entries
  • Translucent gold rust vinyl
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter


A1: STO CULTR - "American Love Song"
A2: Long Tall Jefferson - "Everything Is Wrong"
A3: Mo Anando - "Sirocco"
A4: Paul Thomas Sanders - "I'll Come Running"
A5: Raffles - "Saigon"

B1: Butter Bath - "Stray Cats"
B2: Blue Material - "Blue Blood"
B3: Samuel Tucker Young - "Brushfire"
B4: Max Fry & Lhasa Petik - "Take It Slow"
B5: Sam Island - "Light"



Carly Drew's work juxtaposes her art and her trade as a draftswoman. In some pieces, dilapidated barns are overlaid with architectural guidelines to demonstrate what could be or what once was. In others, lush watercolor grasses evaporate into diagrams indicating contested land and resources. But all of her pieces communicate the deep love Carly has for this part of the world. That skill allows her art to spark that love in others. Carly Drew received her MFA at Clemson University in South Carolina. Her art has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions, frequently winning Best In Show. Her days are split between exploring the landscapes and environments that inspire her and expressing those ideas in the studio.