• AVC 009: Out of Pocket

AVC 009: Out of Pocket

  • $34.00

June 2021

Visual Design: Anthony Zinonos

  • Triple gatefold jacket
  • Pop-out windows on jacket reveal additional artwork
  • Art booklet insert with even more art
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter


A1: Motorbike James - "me Roll"
A2: Palo Sopraño - "Dead Flowers"
A3: The Sunshine State - "Cliff Drive"
A4: Magnus Bechmann - "Uneasy"
A5: Mnevis - "Dallenbach"

B1: Peter Wise - "Loeffler Lane"
B2: DMac Burns - "Crawling"
B3: Vagrant Real Estate - "Forever"
B4: Nicholas Cangiano - "Kicked to the Curb"
B5: Under Islands - "The Patterns In Clouds"



When I think of "collage", I tend to think of directed chaos, a visual stew with a million ingredients. Anthony Zinonos does quite the opposite. His collage works often focus on one or two subjects, usually small in scale, and their relation to grand blocks of color. It is the viewer's imagination that fills in these blocks' featureless surfaces, creating whole worlds based on the negative space and the few people populating the frame. His work is a testament to the power of minimalism and the ability of art to communicate so much with so little. Anthony Zinonos applies his unique style in a range of mediums, from advertising and editorials to book illustrations to murals to animations and 3D work. His long list of clients includes names such as Politico, Condé Nast, Clinique, Chanel, the Wall Street Journal, and Buzzfeed.