• AVC 013: Folded Hearts
  • AVC 013: Folded Hearts

AVC 013: Folded Hearts

  • $34.00

October 2021

Visual Design: Peter Gehrman

  • Unique quintuple gatefold jacket with record pocket
  • Full color scenes on both glossy and matte-finish panels
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter


A1: Rampton Prom - "Too Baby"
A2: Make Friends - "Kung Fu"
A3: Austin Prince & Ellie Dixon - "New Waves"
A4: Luke Gomm - "I'm Thru"
A5: Ferdous - "Talk 2"
A6: Devan - "Conclusions"

B1: honorscouts - "Come Back Better"
B2: Pat Robitaille - "Fearless Woman"
B3: Nation of Language - "Rush & Fever"
B4: Abc Dialect - "This Energy"
B5: Stevedreez - "Downtown"
B6: Fonte Renzo - "Sides"



Peter's experience as an interior architect has a clear impact on his illustrations. Even when buildings themselves are not present in his art, his use of lines, curves, light & shadow carefully guides the viewer's eye on a journey across the image, telling a story or setting a mood without making the viewer consciously aware of their role. Peter Gehrman received his BFA from Konstack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design. He is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he works with musical artists such as Dntel and LiLL, publications such as Harvard Business Review and Architectural Digest, and more. You can purchase his works on his website.