• AVC 014: Seventy-Five
  • AVC 014: Seventy-Five
  • AVC 014: Seventy-Five

AVC 014: Seventy-Five

  • $37.00

November 2021

Visual Design: Fabienne Plangger

  • Deluxe Double LP
  • Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket
  • Spot UV Gloss on outside & inside of gatefold
  • 12-page full-color lyrics & art booklet with updates on every artist
  • Intro letter


A1: The Undercover Dream Lovers - "Half Life"
A2: Wet Leather - "Temporary"
A3: Sjowgren - "Human Condition"
A4: Mating Rituatl - "Haven't Had Enough (Of Being Young)"
A5: Oslo Parks - "Like A Stone"
A6: Future Generations - "Down and Out"
A7: Yellow Shoots - "Sirens (Mermaid Version)"

B1: HÅN x Guingla - "C.T.R"
B2: Waterstrider - "Liquid"
B3: Sal Dulu - "Girl"
B4: Wizard of Loneliness - "9 pm Island Tune"
B5: YesYou - "So Real"
B6: Individualist - "Lakydoe Bit"

C1: Bay Ledges - "Feelz"
C2: Prinze George - "Centuries"
C3: Common Tiger - "Water"
C4: Glassio - "Queen of the Silver City"
C5: The Millennial Club - "Summer Nights"
C6: Misty Mtn - "These Lights"

D1: Speaker Face - "All My Mind"
D2: La Poré - "Love Song"
D3: Wy - "Dream House"
D4: HOAX - "Western Medicine"
D5: Bo Elledge - "Well"
D6: Shawn William Clarke - "When No 1's Around"



Fabienne's work uses soft, clean lighting and precise framing to enhance the impact of subtle details that often fade into the background. In her pieces, the flow of a grain or the curve of light - which otherwise might only be noticed subconsciously - can become the main subject, commanding attention and study. Textures take center stage in many of her photographs, captured from real world experiments with lighting & materials to create forms that seem otherworldly. Originally hailing from Austria,Fabienne now resides in Barcelona, Spain. She works in both agency and freelance spaces, creating graphic & informative images, brand identities, visual campaigns, and custom typefaces. Her Instagram showcases some truly impressive visual experiments - a potential sneak peek at what she'll be doing next.