• AVC 006: Static Swagger
  • AVC 006: Static Swagger
  • AVC 006: Static Swagger

AVC 006: Static Swagger

  • $34.00

Visual Design: Mary Zaleska

  • Glossy deluxe gatefold jacket with silver foil accents
  • Die cut window reveals animated lenticular card
  • Additional art poster insert & silver foil sticker
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter


A1: Saint Blace - "Vincent"
A2: Dalton Jackson - "Lower"
A3: Ari Árelíus - "Hringás"
A4: Witty Tarbox - "Goodbye Jackie"
A5: Tribe Friday - "Talk So Loud"

B1: brother sports - "i still remember (siempre)"
B2: Nic Preen - "Do You Really Care?"
B3: Man With Roses - "Golden Hour"
B4: Skinny Dippers - "Panties"
B5: Midnight Divide - "Dark Dreams"



Sometimes it seems like Mary Zaleska creates art with an infinite supply of different-colored textured layers, each cut precisely into a stylized human figure or abstract symbol. The way she uses distinct lines and patterns to contrast her subjects against backgrounds is striking, but it is through her mastery of color and composition that everything still feels like a part of a whole. Mary specializes in illustration, typography, interactive design, and branding. Her art, logos, and design work have been sought after by Glamour, Newsweek, fashion companies, food & wine brands, and many more. She is currently living in Gdańsk, Poland, working as a graphic designer for BBK.