• AVC 016: You Spring Earth
  • AVC 016: You Spring Earth

AVC 016: You Spring Earth

  • $34.00

January 2022

Visual Design: Anastasia Suvorova

  • Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket
  • Custom die-cut cover
  • Additional sticker art insert
  • Lyrics & art sheet
  • Intro letter


A1: Thallo - "Pressed and Preserved"
A2: Sucreblooms - "Honesty"
A3: Helucze - "Owl's Tango"
A4: Parks N' Rec - "Adieu"
A5: Shn Shn - "maladaptive daydreams"

B1: Matt McWaters - "Morning Dew"
B2: Florence Arman - "Silver Home"
B3: Talk Bazaar - "Such A Sunday"
B4: Alex Aller - "The Great Contender"
B5: N Kelsey - "New Love"



Anastasia Suvorova's illustrations can be very impressionistic, defining objects with broad swaths of textured color or representing concepts as outlines that contain an entire scene within their borders. Her works explore folkloric themes, showing scenes containing heroic journeys, dreamlike locations, or transformation & growth. Perhaps most impressive is the reverence and tenderness she conveys for the subjects of her art. These traits are on full display on this month's volume, where the journey doesn't stop with the incredible cover.

Anastasia's illustrations can be found in magazines, posters, advertisements, or her four published picture books. She has created gorgeous habit trackers, web animations, children's gamebooks, and more. She bases her freelance work from her home in St. Petersburg, Russia.