• AVC 017: Chase The Light Prismatic
  • AVC 017: Chase The Light Prismatic

AVC 017: Chase The Light Prismatic

  • $34.00

February 2022

Visual Design: Yeti Iglesias

  • Deluxe gatefold jacket
  • Glow-in-the-dark accents on jacket artwork
  • Custom vinyl spinner
  • Lyrics & art sheet
  • Intro letter


A1: Mango Rain - "Claudia"
A2: I.M. YONI & Corine - "Brillando"
A3: Flora Vida - "Copihue"
A4: Hornsbee - "Every Single Day"
A5: cmd-C/cmd-V - "6E"

B1: Harry Nathan - "Last Call"
B2: Wayne Regretzky & Richard Orofino - "Hurt Now Help Later"
B3: Yum Yuck - "Setting Sun"
B4: Ormiston - "Rebel"
B5: Volcanic Legacy - "Now That You Found Me (ft. Mike Sempert & Snowblink)"



Yeti's work is bright, bold, and playful. Figures are often defined by large, unbroken shapes of a single color, accented subtly by a shadow here or a highlight there. The result is heavy on contrast and allows the full palette to take center stage. Other eye-catching techniques, like big, expressive eyes and careful framing of the many objects within an illustration, give a sense of fullness to any scene she creates. She was an excellent pairing for this month's volume, whose vinyl spinner is sure to turn some heads.

Yeti works as a freelance art director, illustrator, and 2D animator. Her list of past clients is staggering, and includes brands such as Vans, Pizza Hut, Xbox, MTV, and Pepsi. A diehard animal lover, you can hire Yeti to create a custom pet illustration or drawing of a loved one. When she's not creating, she's busy taking care of her own pets: 5 cats and 2 dogs.