• AVC 001: Time Drips
  • AVC 001: Time Drips
  • AVC 001: Time Drips

AVC 001: Time Drips

Visual Design: Jimmy Simpson

  • Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket with metallic foil lava
  • Sticker art insert
  • Purple & yellow A-side/B-side vinyl
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter


A1: Superparka - "Skip"
A2: Mia Gladstone - "Geekin (ft. Ciscero)"
A3: Superflat - "Discomania"
A4: Low Island - "Long Answer"
A5: Human Love - "Goldmine"

B1: ishi - "Not My Girl"
B2: honeywhip - "Think About U"
B3: Starwolf - "More Than Just Friends"
B4: Banana Belt - "Cambria"
B5: Do Not Trust Robots - "Σταγόνα"



With bold 90's colors and works filled with external references, humor, and humanity, Jimmy Simpson's fun-loving personality shines through in his art. Jimmy frequently plays with perspectives and illustration styles. Whether the piece is an animation or a still, there is a sense of a moment captured in time. He illustrates a world brimming with life, and we get the joy of discovering it. He lives and works in Brooklyn, with notable clients like Nike, MTV, Vice, Vox Media, and the New York Times.